Ghana has failed in curbing sexual harassment – Activist

Ghana has failed in curbing sexual harassment – Activist

Ghanaian activist, Mr. Mawuli Dake, says Ghana has failed in its bid to address the issue of sexual harassment fuelling the increment in the country.

Describing sexual harassment as a pandemic, Mr. Dake positions that no drastic measures have been taken to curb the menace and that inadequate awareness on the subject also contributes to the alarming increase of the crime.

“We have failed woefully,” Mr. Dake said.

He continued “We have failed because we’ve not seen any transformation that addresses the systematic issues. We’ve not seen a state that is responsive to the needs of victims of sexual offenses in Ghana. We do not have adequate counselors; we do not have adequate awareness.”

His comments come after a video that went viral captures a police officer on duty sexually harassing a lady without any provocation.

Speaking on Good Afternoon Ghana, Mawuli Dake bemoaned the lack of systematic transformation while calling for pragmatic measures to halt the menace.

“The current level of the incident of sexual harassment is totally unacceptable. We have different forms of data and statistics that speak to this.

“If you look at the report we get from the reporting the frontline state agencies like; the Police, CHRAJ, and all that. If you look at the studies that have been done and the daily report on what we see on social media and in the [mass] media as well as what we observe in our own communities I don’t think there should ever be any debate in Ghana today as to whether this is a serious issue or not. It is a pandemic,” he told Metro TV’s Francisca Kakra Forson.


By: Bernard Ralph Adams | | Ghana

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