Ghana’s security forces lack intelligence not tactful – Kwakye- Fosu

Ghana’s security forces lack intelligence not tactful – Kwakye- Fosu

Felix Kwakye Fosu of the opposition NDC has described the nation’s security force as lacking restrain and not considerate in their approach to controlling crowd violence.

He said tensions were high after the social media influencer was murdered therefore the security needed to be circumspect in their approach.

Mohammed Ibrahim, affectionately called Kaaka – a social media activist – died on Monday after he was attacked by a mob at Ejura in the Ashanti Region.

Following his demise, irate youth of Ejura hit the streets to protest against the gruesome murder and demand justice.

However, it turned into chaotic scenes when a joint military and police team were dispatched to control the protesting crowd which led to the death of two persons and four injured in the process.

Kwakye Fosu has expressed his disappointment with the unprofessional conduct of the security officers.

In a passionate delivery on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana on Thursday, July 1, 2021, he indicated that the displeasure that is shown by the public regarding the incident is understandable noting that the level of reaction to this particular incident is due to occurrences of similar events in recent years.

“There is no doubt that in the last two days or so Ghanaians have shown righteous anger, extreme anger at the developments in Ejura. But when you probe deeper, you find that the anger is not just about Ejura because the truth of the matter is that, it’s really not unusual to have these incidences happen. Sometimes they can be genuine instances of zealousness on the part of security officials. But what the anger really has been about is a consistent pattern of what appears to be impunity and recklessness on the part of the entire security architecture,” he stated.

The former Deputy Minister for Communications said the nation’s security setup has permitted handling situations as this to escalate.

“To the extent that an activist had been killed if the reports we have are anything to go by because of his activism. Any security worth it sort would anticipate a certain reaction by colleagues of the slain individual” he added.

He noted that it is expected that people will vent their anger in situations of murder and therefore the military needed to exercise caution stating “So a spontaneous demonstration arises after the burial of this individual and security forces are call-in to maintain law and order and their first inclination was to fire live ammunition into the crowd obviously with the intent of killing.”

Kwakye Fosu indicated that the discerning crowd was running away from the scene before the unexpected happened adding that, “And indeed if you have observed the reports at least one doctor was interviewed and he confirmed one of the victims had been shot at the back. This obviously was an individual fleeing from the scene and if you watch the videos, you could see that the people actually started fleeing upon seeing the security forces arriving.”

By: Ernest Tetteh Kabu | | Ghana

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