Go to Court, Martin Amidu Dares Speaker of Parliament, Over Corrupt Allegations

Former Special Prosecutor Martin Alamisi Kaiser Amidu has thrown down the gauntlet, daring the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Alban Bagbin, to defend his integrity and honor. Amidu’s fiery words were published in an article that has sent shockwaves through Ghana’s political landscape.

Amidu challenged Bagbin to take legal action against him if he believed the article defamed him. The former Special Prosecutor asserted that the allegations made against Bagbin were not only true but also justifiable. He framed them as fair comments and questions on public matters, particularly concerning the conduct of a public officer—the Speaker himself.

The heart of the matter lies in Bagbin’s alleged self-confession of corruption. Amidu’s article paints a damning picture of a Speaker who, while ordinary Ghanaians struggle to afford basic medical treatments, jets off to Dubai for costly oncological and cognitive treatments. The millions of local and foreign currency spent on Bagbin’s trips could have purchased much-needed dialysis machines for the needy.

Amidu’s call for a defamation lawsuit is a calculated move. It would provide him with the opportunity to subpoena Bagbin’s passport and other records, shedding light on the Speaker’s extravagant expenditures. The court proceedings would be a public spectacle, allowing Ghanaians to witness firsthand the stark contrast between Bagbin’s privileges and the struggles faced by ordinary citizens.

As the controversy unfolds, Ghanaians eagerly await Bagbin’s response. Will the Speaker rise to Amidu’s challenge and defend his honor in court? Or will he remain silent, allowing the allegations to fester? Only time will tell.

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