Gold Fields Ghana Foundation expands scholarship program

The Gold Fields Ghana Foundation Scholarship Programme has provided support to 2,736 needy but brilliant students from its host communities, enabling them to attend Special Needs Schools, Senior High Schools (SHS), and tertiary institutions across Ghana.

According to the Executive Secretary of Gold Fields Ghana Foundation, Mr. Abdel Razak Yakubu, 498 beneficiaries are currently in school, with 125 new scholarships awarded to students from the Tarkwa catchment community this year.

The Foundation has allocated a budget of approximately US$88,212.52 to cater for payment of school fees, accommodation/hostel fees, and other approved academic materials for the 125 beneficiaries in the first academic year.

Notably, 54% of the selected beneficiaries are females, with 46% being males. This year’s distribution of beneficiaries revealed that 65% are pursuing Engineering programmes, 25% are enrolled in other science-related programmes, and 10% are pursuing humanities and business-related programmes.

Of the 81 engineering beneficiaries, 35 are female, specializing in fields such as Mining, Geological, Geomatics, Mineral, and Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

The Gold Fields Ghana Foundation Scholarship Programme is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to support education and development in its host communities.

By: Zambaga Rufai Saminu | | Ghana

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