Gomoa East Health Directorate cries out for equipment and facility upgrade

The Gomoa East Health Directorate has appealed for urgent upgrading of facilities and provision of logistics to ensure optimum healthcare delivery services for residents in the area.

According to the Directorate, despite being one of the most populous areas in the country, the district lacks high-standard health facilities, depriving most residents of quality healthcare.

The district has only four health centers, 14 functional CHPs compounds, and six CHPS compounds yet to be constructed, making it difficult for residents to access healthcare services.

The Gomoa East District Director of Health Services, Felix Agyemang Adipare, described the situation as an urgent need for facilities to be upgraded and equipment provided.

The Member of Parliament for Gomoa East, Desmond De-Graft Paitoo, has also called on the Ministry of Health to take urgent steps to provide additional facilities and essential equipment to facilitate the work of existing ones.

He donated some sets of medical equipment to the Gomoa East Health Directorate and appealed for the Potsin Polyclinic to be upgraded to become the Gomoa East District Hospital.

The CHPs compounds in towns such as Nyanyano and Fetteh should also be upgraded to the status of health centers, he added.

The Gomoa East Health Directorate and the Member of Parliament are calling for urgent intervention to close the gap in healthcare accessibility in the district.

By: Akwasi Addo | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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