Gomoa Fetteh Traditional Council blames Lands Commission for growing landguard menace

Gomoa Fetteh traditional authorities are criticizing the Lands Commission for failing to address protracted land disputes and the growing landguard menace in the area.

The council accuses the commission of not being proactive and exercising due diligence in its operations.

The area, particularly Millennium City, has seen violent confrontations over land, resulting in the recent death of a military officer, Lance Corporal Michael Danso. The officer was shot during a confrontation while attempting to secure a disputed land.

The traditional authorities are engaged in long-standing disputes with estate developers and other traditional authorities over land boundaries.

They blame the Lands Commission for not helping to institute court rulings that clearly define boundaries, leading to the recent shooting.

The council has also expressed displeasure over attempts to impugn their image through the media, condemning the killing of the military officer while entreating all to remain calm as the court handles the substantive matter.

By: Akwasi Addo | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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