Government of Ghana urged to Adopt Sustainable Land Use Policies to save the environment on World Environment Day

HATOF Foundation   Foundation has urged government to adopt policies and strategies that will promote sustainable land use and secure the planet earth for the future.

In a statement singed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Foundation Ambassador Samuel Dotse(PhD) to mark the World Environment Day, it urged all well meaning Ghanaians and policy makers to consider policy changes that prioritize sustainable land use in ensuring friendly ecosystem and biodiversity.

“Collectively, individuals, organisations and governments especially the government of Ghana are to
promote policy changes that prioritize land-based solutions such as reforestation, afforestation and soil carbon sequestration” it stated.

According to the foundation this action will serve as a bedrock for protecting the land and making the environment a safe place for all living organisms.

“HATOF Foundation a Ghanaian-based International Environmental NGO working in Ghana and Canada recognizes the important role land plays in food production, conservation of biological diversity and the

well-being of living organisms, especially man on planet Earth.

Sustainable land use therefore remains the most viable option for maintaining ecosystem services and
biodiversity if the current generation is determined to leave any meaningful legacy for the future
generations” it emphasized.

The 2024 World Environment Day which was observed on Wednesday, June 5, focused on the theme “land restoration, desertification, and drought resilience”

HATOF Foundation therefore called upon governments, the private sector, media, local communities, academia, and particularly religious bodies who are considered principal stewards of the earth to champion responsible land use practices including agroforestry, permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and climate-smart agriculture.

Citing a 2020 World Bank report, HATOF Foundation highlighted that environmental degradation costs Ghana approximately USD 6.3 billion annually, equating to 10.7 percent of the country’s 2017 GDP.

Recognizing this significant economic impact, HATOF Foundation advocated for urgent prioritization of environmental protection and climate change policies that will safeguard the environment.

It emphasized that, by addressing these issues, Ghana could save billions annually while simultaneously creating green jobs and promoting sustained economic growth.

Additionally the foundation encouraged local communities to take ownership of land restoration activities and to share the benefits derived from these initiatives stressing that community-driven approach will ensures that the efforts are sustainable and beneficial to those directly involved.

“HATOF encourages local communities to take ownership of land restoration activities and
share benefits arising out of these initiatives.

We believe that the earth has more than enough for each individual but not enough for each GREEDY
person, let us rise to the occasion and preserve our land for current and future generations” the release encouraged.

The world environment day is commemorated world wide to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage individuals, organizations and government to take action to protect the planet.

HATOF Foundation’s call to action underscores the importance of collective effort in promoting sustainable land use and environmental stewardship.

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