Guinea Coup: Alpha Conde deserves treatment meted out to him – Ellen Daaku

A communication team member of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Ms. Ellen Ama Daaku, says in as much as, she condemns the Coup D’etat in Guinea, President Alpha Conde deserves the treatment meted out to him.

She said changing the constitution to allow him to contest for a third election after two terms is sheer greediness on the part of the ousted President.

According to Ms. Daaku, the signals were clear on the walls as he was warned by regional controlling bodies yet, he went on to win an election that generated controversy.

The NPP communicator was speaking in connection with the overthrow of the former President of Guinea, Alpha Conde, by the country’s elite military group.

On Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana, Ellen Ama Daaku said even though the continent has not benefited from forced regimes, it will call for such military unrest once leaders fail to comply with the rules of governance.

“Military rules have never sent us anywhere. We should understand. But when we have leaders who also refuse to go by the constitution that all of us have agreed on, this is what will happen,” she told Annie Afua Ampofo, host of the show.

Ellen Daaku noted the stipulated terms for constitutional government, stressing that after two terms and at an unfavorable age, Alpha Conde still pressed to become president pointing that it has been a characteristic of African leadership that is selfish.

“We all agree, you go two terms or? You’ve gone your two terms and at 83 and this is what I don’t get with some of these African leaders, honestly. Eighty-three years, you still want to go for another five years? What sort of greed is that?” she quizzed.

While the military overthrow is condemned, she mentioned that the continent must not forget the attitude of its leaders that tends to destroy organizations set in place.

“As much as, we condemn the young men or the military, we should not forget these Africans who continuously stay there and mess up everything for all of us,” she noted.

The spokesperson for the NPP indicated that President Alpha Conde could have saved himself all the troubles if he had listened to advice from concerned institutions, stressing that the former Guinean President knew what would befall him yet went ahead to be crowned President of an election that had a questionable outcome.

“When he was doing this, ECOWAS issued a statement that the constitutional change will not help.  But, of course, every country is sovereign. What the ECOWAS, UN, and AU can do is to talk and issue you warnings that what you are doing will bring issues. So it’s not as if he didn’t know,” she noted.

“He knew what he was doing would bring issues and for him to still continue to do it and to win such an election. And look at what they went through with the elections. It wasn’t even with due respect free and fair,” she emphasized.


By: Ernest Tetteh Kabu | | Ghana

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