GUM promises free healthcare, education, and port services

The founder and leader of the Ghana Union Movement (GUM), Rev. Dr. Christian Kwabena Andrews, popularly known as Osofo Kyiri Abosom, has unveiled his vision for Ghana, promising a comprehensive package of free services aimed at improving the lives of citizens.

In an interview with Metro TV, Dr. Andrews outlined his party’s commitment to providing free healthcare, Senior High School (SHS) education, and port services, drawing inspiration from successful models in other countries.

He criticized the current free SHS policy, labeling it a political tool rather than a genuine effort to benefit the people. Dr. Andrew assured that GUM’s approach would prioritize the welfare of Ghanaians, unlike the ruling NPP and NDC, which he accused of amassing wealth at the expense of the citizens.

As GUM prepares to launch its campaign and announce a running mate, Dr. Andrew emphasized the party’s commitment to discipline and proper economic management.

He expressed confidence in GUM’s ability to bring about meaningful change, building on its emergence as a third force in the 2020 elections.

“This bold vision and critique of the status quo are likely to resonate with Ghanaians seeking an alternative to the traditional political parties. As the political landscape heats up, Dr. Andrew’s assurances of a better future for Ghana have set the stage for a compelling contest.”

By: Dominic Ansah-Prah | | Ghana

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