He Chose His Friends Over Me So I Cheated On Him But That Wasn’t The End

Pete was everything to me. He was my best friend, my family, and my gossip partner. He had everything I wanted in a man so I was very happy that he was mine. Our love story was not perfect but it was good. We knew that at the end of the day, we belonged with each other, and that was all that mattered. However, the dynamics of our relationship changed when he gained admission to the university. It became a one-sided affair. I gave us all my efforts and he discarded them. After a while, he told me the relationship was no longer working for him. He didn’t tell me why but I guessed he had met a university girl and decided I was no longer good for him.

He was my first love so I was really messed up after he left. But I was determined to put myself out there and love again. I am a loving kind of girl. I love without holding back, and no matter how many times I get hurt, I will always give love a chance. So three months after my first heartbreak, I met Sedem. I heard a lot of stories about him when we first started dating. One person told me, “This guy you are seeing is not a good guy. He womanizes and disrespects women.” There was a girl he told me was his ex. People told me she wasn’t, and that they were still dating. When I asked him about it he said, “Would you rather believe a group of gossips than me? What reason do I have to lie to you?”

He was also a fresh university student when we started dating. Things were good at first but along the line, I noticed that our relationship only worked when Sedem was home on vacation. Every time he leaves for school he would disappear like a ghost. But when he comes home on vacation, he would be the best boyfriend ever. I really loved him but I got tired of his disappearing act. So it got to a time I didn’t want to see him when he returned from school. But he wouldn’t let me go. He would try every trick in the books until he wins me over.

Our back and forth happened until 2019, when we sat down, had a conversation and decided to make things work between us. That was when his friends came into the picture. There wouldn’t be a moment I would call and he isn’t with his friends. We would make plans and he would cancel them to go be with his friends. When I complained he always said, “Don’t worry, I will change.” However, his behaviour continued until 2020. We had another meeting and he promised to be a better boyfriend. I knew he wouldn’t change but I agreed with everything he said.

I continued to put up with him, all in the name of love, until I met someone earlier this year. This new guy, his name is Kwesi. Kwesi is a force of nature. His energy is so infectious that I couldn’t resist him. He gave me all the love and attention Sedem never gave me. He would call me and we would talk for hours. Sometimes I got worried that Sedem would see the signs and know that there is another guy in the picture. But that boy was too engrossed in his friends to notice that our relationship was practically non-existent.

Kwesi would pick me up from work, send me out for lunch and take me home when I close from work. Then we would talk in the evening till we are both tired. This continued until I started falling in love with him. Soon enough, things started to get intimate. Sedem didn’t notice anything until one girl from my workplace told him to pay close attention to me. He came to ask me, “What have you been up to? Are you entertaining other men?” I just shrugged, “I don’t know what you are talking about.” He knew me well enough to know that I was lying. I don’t know how he found out but he timed me and caught me red-handed with Kwesi.

He made a big fuss about me cheating but I didn’t mind him. He tried to get me to break things off with Kwesi but I refused. Why would I choose a man who neglects me over a man who has done nothing but give me his love and attention? I told Sedem, “This relationship no longer serves my needs. Let’s go our separate ways.” He told me, “No, let’s work and make things better.” A part of me wanted to see if he could really change so I gave him another chance.

Things were going fairly well until I travelled out of town. He got busy all of a sudden again. “Sorry, I missed your calls. I was playing games with my friends.” “I can’t talk now. I am busy with my mum.” “You haven’t heard from me for the past few days because of school.” These were the excuses he gave to explain away his busyness. I didn’t believe him so I had someone follow him around and report his movements to me. That was when it came to light that he was seeing someone new.

When I asked him about it he laughed at me and said, “What kind of joke is that? Just because you cheated doesn’t mean I am doing the same thing.” I didn’t believe him but I said nothing to him. Then he called me himself this month and started telling me about the new girl. “She makes me feel a certain way I never felt about you. She treats me like a king. She cooks for me and buys stuff for me with her own money. When we walk in public, she holds my hand. She is even helping me buy drugs to cure an infection I got from you.” He went on to say a lot of wonderful things about her. When he finished I said okay, and hung up.

I took a car to his place to go and confront him in person. When I got there, the new girl was with him. They were outside. I told him I wanted to speak with him and he asked me to give him a minute. Then he held the girl’s hand and they walked away from me. I was left standing there like a nobody. I felt useless and unworthy that evening. I called him several times before he picked up. All he said was, “What do you want? Have you seen what you have caused? Now she is mad at me.” I was dumbfounded. My guy was telling me another girl was mad at him because I came to speak with him.

After everything he has done, he is back telling me that I am the one he wants. A few weeks ago, I would have gotten back together with him but now it’s too late. He has emotionally killed me and I don’t know when I will be revived again. He is doing everything possible to convince me that he doesn’t love the new girl anymore but I don’t care. I have closed his chapter in my life. I am moving on from him this time.

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