I don’t feel like a hero – Fix The Country campaigner

I don’t feel like a hero – Fix The Country campaigner

Joshua Boye Doe, the lad behind the Fix The Country campaign on micro-blogging software platform, Twitter, aimed at getting the country’s leaders to solve the plight of the Ghanaian citizenry says he will not declare victory until the battle is over.

“Until the job is done I don’t feel like a hero,” Mr. Doe told Francisca Kakra Forson on the Good Afternoon Ghana programme Wednesday, adding “the hashtag can die any moment and we’d be back to zero. We want to see results. I want to see results.”
According to him, he is results-oriented and he will remain dedicated to the cause even if he has to sacrifice a year of his year.

“If I am supposed to spend one year of my life to make sure that we get results I will do that,” the creator of the trending social media campaign observed.


What’s #FixTheCountry?

Over the past 78 hours #FixTheCountry has topped Ghana trends on Twitter and at a point the third trend globally.

Most Ghanaian youths have flooded social media highlighting some inadequacies while venting their fury at the country’s leaders.

They demand the government to fix the mess making the majority of Ghanaians linger in poverty and unable to afford a decent life.

Thousands of the country’s youth have signed to an online petition in an attempt to get the government to act swiftly and salvage the situation

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