I will scrap fuel allowance, DSTV, utilities for govt officials – Mahama

The flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama,has pledged to end government officials’ access to free petrol and other non-essential benefits.

In his address to the EU Ambassador in Ghana, the former president detailed the cost-cutting steps his administration would take to save the economy, such as doing away with energy bill payments, free DSTV subscriptions, and gasoline allowances for public servants.

The leader of the NDC emphasized that these benefits should be stopped because they put a strain on the budget.

He continued by saying that public servants ought to pay for these services on the same terms as regular people.

“We will discontinue the payment of utility bills, fuel, DSTV, etc. as conditions of service for top government officials, directors, and the political class. We believe that people should take up paying their own electricity bills and water bills like every other Ghanaian does.

“Unless you are using a government vehicle or on government assignment, you should buy your fuel if you are using your own car. And so we are going to discontinue that.”

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