I’ll sack any appointee caught engaged in galamsey – Mahama

Former President John Mahama has declared that he will sack any public official found to be engaging in mining activities in his next government.

Mahama made this statement during a public engagement, emphasizing that individuals in public office must choose between serving the public or engaging in mining businesses.

His declaration comes as part of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) party’s comprehensive initiative to tackle illegal mining, also known as “galamsey.”

The initiative aims to reclaim degraded lands, rehabilitate them, and create employment opportunities for youth in affected areas.

The NDC has also proposed a reclamation fund, contributed to by regulated small-scale miners, to support restoration efforts and ensure sustainable mining practices. Additionally, Mahama announced plans to establish a special fund for small-scale miners, with contributions returned to the miners after land rehabilitation.

The former president emphasized the importance of regulated small-scale mining and stressed the need for responsible and sustainable mining practices. He also announced plans to establish the Ghana Mining Excellence Center, coordinated by two universities, to promote innovation and best practices in mining.

Mahama’s commitment to tackling illegal mining and promoting environmental sustainability has sent shockwaves through the political landscape, underscoring the government’s commitment to addressing the environmental and socio-economic challenges posed by illegal mining activities.

By: Magyina Kwasi | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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