IMF Negotiations: Ofori-Atta has shamed naysayers – Dr. Mahama

Economic Advisor at the Office of the Vice President, Dr. Tiah Abdul-Kabiru Mahama, has commended the efforts of the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta in Ghana securing a deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) within the shortest time.

According to Mr. Mahama, critics of the government leveled a barrage of allegations including accusations that the government inflated figures just to receive a bailout.

He concludes that people ought to put away politics and propaganda in order to face realities especially one that concerns the economic well-being of the country.

“When we started with this particular post covid economic recovery programme, a lot of noise was made about it, people thought it was shrouded in secrecy, there were even allegations that Ghana is cooking up figures and that Ghana will not be able to meet the programme. When we are having a programme, politics is allowed,” he said on Good Morning Ghana on Thursday, 18th May 2023.

Dr. Mahama, however, applauded the government and the IMF while attributing the feet achieved to a good track record of Ghana as a possible means of securing a programme in such a short time.

“One thing I must commend the IMF and for the Ghanaian authority, the process led by Mr. Ken Ofori Attah is that they have been very consistent. IMF has had complete and absolute faith in the Ghanaian authority and it is borne out of history.”

He also aligned the programme achieved within a short space to the ability of the country to settle its part of the agreement with the IMF in time past.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mahama has urged people to shy away from unnecessary castigations and disbelief in the government but rather sacrifice and accept burden-sharing to achieve a better future that will be beneficial for everyone.

Ghana secured a bailout from the IMF in the late hours of 17th May 2023. The first tranche of the deal, 600 million dollars and calculated in percentage wise as 20% is expected to hit the account of the Bank of Ghana on Friday, 19th May 2023.

By: Leonora Enyonam Annoh | | Ghana

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