Inauguration of Aflao Transitional Shelter: A New Beacon of Hope for Trafficking Victims

In a groundbreaking initiative to combat human trafficking and support its victims, Expertise France, in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender and with funding from the European Union, has inaugurated the Aflao Transitional Shelter.

This new facility is dedicated to providing shelter and comprehensive care to trafficked victims, helping them reintegrate into society with dignity and support.

The Aflao Transitional Shelter stands as a testament to the collective efforts of international and local partners in the fight against human trafficking in the Gulf of Guinea region. This initiative is a significant step towards addressing the pervasive issue of human trafficking, providing a haven for victims to heal and rebuild their lives.

At the inauguration ceremony, Expertise France Project Director Alessandro Rabbiosi highlighted the critical importance of the shelter. “This project is a vital part of our ongoing efforts to combat human trafficking. The shelter will not only provide immediate relief to victims but also offer the necessary support services to ensure their successful reintegration into society,” Rabbiosi stated.

Anna Lixi, Head of Governance and Security Sector for the EU Delegation to Ghana, emphasized the broader implications of the shelter, describing it as more than just a physical space. “This shelter home is a sanctuary for victims of trafficking. It represents a commitment to upholding human rights and providing a safe environment where survivors.

The Minister of Gender, Children and social Protection (MOGCSP) Dakoa Newton stated that the renovated the Aflao Traditional shelter and office will improve victim care and promote a quality working environment for providing trauma-informed care to rescued victims.

“The rescue of victims is a crucial component of the comprehensive strategy to counter human trafficking. Ghana is known to be a source, transit and destination country for trafficking victims. Each rescue operation is an intervention designed to remove individuals from exploitative situations. It is imperative that all potential human trafficking cases identified are reported immediately so that assistance can be provided. Shelters play a vital role in supporting initial screenings, conducting interviews, and determining whether further assistance is needed today, we have gathered to inaugurate and commission the transit shelter, which will enhance identification, protection and care of victims, as well as improve our prosecution rates. As of 2023, there were 109 reported cases involving 116 defendants. We successfully prosecuted 41 cases. Of these, 21 cases were tried under the Human Trafficking Act, resulting in 26 convictions. The Children’s Act and other immigration laws were used to convict individuals in 10 additional cases. Furthermore, a total of 1,089 victims were rescued, including 577 boys, 97 girls, 160 women, and 255 men. The availability of shelters is thus critical for enabling more effective interceptions and rescues.”

Source: Gabriel Asempa, Aflao

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