Induction of College Principal : all Wescopa’s may boast but 98 tops them all.

Today at the Wesley Cathedral in Kumasi, our colleague n year mate- Baah Kennedy Ameyaw is been inducted as Principal of good old mother Wesley College(Wesco), it’s hurray n merry, untill September 2003, all principals were Rev ministers of the Methodist church, the first was Rev Charles Wesley Armstrong 1922- 31, the suspense came after our own, revered, ” dreadful n dreaded” dare not ask me why but WHY Ametefe (Rev) now late.

Wescopa 98 have come far and doing well, year group 98 have the men and women – as lectures on Wesco campus and from today, the college substantive principal after acting for a while. 98, you stand out n tall.

Wescopa 98, today, the light and shine is on you, through resilience, perseverance and persistent, you come far,, non, so far from the past principals happens to be an old boy or girl but 98 has made it and for the first time, congratulations!.

Any challenger, no challenger! the records are there to verify.
We graduated as teachers and moved on, today, Wescopa 98 comprises of many added professions and positions – Rev ministers, lawyers, a police officer of high repute and rank, a royal highness – Nii Brown, Kwabenya Mantse in Accra, dentist, accountants, academia- PhD holders- lectures, headmasters, CiSSO’s,, journalist, creative writers coach of current black queens aside many other Wescopa 98 in the diaspora (overseas) “borgers” , indeed, the sky is our limit, we still craving for more!

Though many notable alumni have distinguish, enviable records and played their role, these were distinct individuals, among them include Nii Ayikai Adjin Tettey who derived the slogan Bleoo for Accra Academy before Wesco and at Wesco, became the fastest West African to set the record for 100 yards at 9.7 sec in 1953.


The list is endless, distinguished high court judge Kwadwo Adjei Agyapong , one of the martyrs of the rule of law during PNDC era is part of the list.

Other notable alumni are prominent, past presidents of conference of the Methodist Church, politicians, academia, athletes, sports men n women all documented in the college archives, but, what is exceptional about Wescopa 98 is their outstanding unity, leadership n progress as a whole compared with individual achievements and excellence among different year groups.

Wescopa 98 crowns it today as college principal, an outstanding and remarkable record. It’s almost 26 years since we graduated from college campus, may all those who aren’t here today with us (deceased) find eternal rest.

Indeed, all Wescopa’s may boast but 98 tops them all. Where is the cake?, 98, make merry, rejoice in joy. God is good all time. 98, you are a beacon of hope, ayekoo!…no challenger!

Michael Nyame

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