Information on Delta Variant lacks credibility – Suhuyini

National Democratic Congress Member of Parliament for Tamale South, Alhassan Sayibu Suhuyini, has defended the minority group’s position on government’s information provided on the Delta Variant cases recorded in the country.

He said there have been too many inconsistencies in the reportage that lacks credibility.

The legislator was reacting to a news report captured in the dailies on the matter, stressing that persons tasked with the responsibility of managing the new phase of the pandemic have not proved their trustworthiness.

Justifying his position on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana on Tuesday, July 6, 2021, Alhassan Sayibu Suhuyini emphasized that every move the state and its cohorts have taken on the transpiring trends on the new Covid era is wrong.

“I want to believe Oko [Boye], but Randy [Abbey], every step of the government and those put in charge ensuring our state as far as Covid is concerned make it very difficult for one to absolutely believe the information that is churned out,” he noted.

He said recent reports on the new variant he received from a colleague in government and other sources is in complete contrast to the information he had earlier received.

“For example, listening to Dr. Oko Boye, he speaks that as far back as April the cases at the airport included the delta variant and yet somewhere 22nd June after the media reported of delta in the country. The Ghana Health Service issued a statement to deny categorically that it was in the country,” he emphasized.

Alhassan Suhuyini said it is difficult to believe that the delta variant is in the country at the moment based on the different sides of the reportage.

“We know the gestation period of these things are not one week, because clearly, from the information I have been given previously, it should not take one week for the delta variant to be detected in the community only a week after I am told that it is not in the community yet. So these inconsistencies make it difficult for you to trust the information that comes out from these state institutions,” he added.

Mr. Suhuyini explained that the stand taken by the minority group is a result of these contrasting views and opinions.


By: Ernest Tetteh Kabu |  | Ghana

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