Internet cut in Eswatini amid protests

Internet cut in Eswatini amid protests

The internet has been shut off and a curfew imposed in Eswatini, the southern African kingdom formerly known as Swaziland.

Security forces are on high alert as protesters demanding political reforms have vowed to step up their demonstrations.

A journalist told the BBC that overnight there were violent confrontations in the city of Manzini and that the country’s borders and airport remain closed.

Days of protests have left several people in hospital, businesses in the capital, Mbabane, remain closed after some, including those linked to the king, were destroyed.

Sporadic demonstrations over poor wages and political repression have flared up over the years in Eswatini – this most recent one was sparked by the death of law student.

While the government says his death was the result of a car accident, protesters say he was murdered by police.

The protests have highlighted long-running discontent in one of the world’s last remaining absolute monarchies.

King Mswati III, who came to the throne 35 years ago, rules by decree.

His critics accuse the 53-year-old monarch, and his 15 wives, of leading a lavish lifestyle and treating opponents harshly.

Source; BBC

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