It Was Totally Wrong For Gov’t To Give Freebies During Covid Era – Kwame Pianim

It Was Totally Wrong For Gov’t To Give Freebies During Covid Era – Kwame Pianim

Former senior government official and economist, Kwame Pianim has questioned the government’s decision to offer freebies to some citizens during the heat of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Mr. Pianim, it was totally wrong for the government to offer relief packages to Ghanaians living in the cities.

The government of Ghana, during the peak of the pandemic, announced free water and electricity for some citizens living in the most affected areas. The relief packages further included the distribution of food items in many affected areas.

Mr. Pianim who was speaking on the country’s current economic situation opined that the current mess can be partly attributed to those freebies during the heat of the pandemic.

Speaking on Accra-based Kessben TV on Tuesday, the renowned economist noted that he never understood why a government that was already owing huge sums of money to the Ghana Water Company and Electricity Company of Ghana will offer free utilities.

Considering the financial situation of the country, Mr. Pianim noted that it was not necessary for such an intervention. To him, the government could have channeled the resources into the construction of boreholes and other amenities in rural areas.

“During COVID-19 time, we gave free electricity. Something you have not bought and paid for, can you offer it for free? You owe ECG which you are not able to pay but you are offering it for free. The same applies to water. You have not bought and paid for it but you offered it for free. I stay at airport, do I need free water?. If they had used the money to construct boreholes in the villages for the people there to get access to clean water, I would have understood,” the renowned economist lamented.

He added that, “you are giving free electricity and water to people in this city, I don’t understand. You don’t have the money, why do you do it? Go the West, where you go to borrow money, are they doing that?








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