Jinapor’s burning excavators justification lacks substance – Ablakwa

Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has rubbished the answers provided on the burning of excavators by Mr. Abu Jinapor, Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, saying the responses lack substance and did not address the main concerns.

The North Tongu legislator vowed to pursue the matter to the latter.

“Nine-page response,” Ablakwa said, adding “He could not provide any law in Ghana that justifies. The state cannot be using illegality to stop illegality. Article 19 of the constitution is very clear. You cannot be imposing sanctions when there is no law. What gives you the right and the mandate to do that when no law has been prescribed?”

“I’m certainly not okay with the answer and I intend to take further action on the matter. I have had discussions with my lawyers and I will pursue this matter further” he told Dr. Randy Abbey.

Commenting on the subject on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana on Friday, June 2, 2021, the National Democratic Congress Member of Parliament asserted that lawlessness is dominating our sphere as a nation citing recent security inappropriate actions as a sign of another form of disorder.

“Is all about the disregard for due process and officialdom should not be at the forefront of perpetuating lawlessness. That is what this burning of excavators is about” he stressed.

Okudzeto Ablakwa however noted that there is a high price to pay for disorderliness and that it is sad for the nation to be encouraging it stating that Ghana should mindful of the penalty that is already before her “There is already a judgment debt and I brought it to the attention of the minister in my first supplementary question. What you are doing will it not bring more judgment debt” he quizzed.

He indicated that all the case instances that Jinapor cited to buttress his stance were all disqualified by Justice Samuel Obeng Diawoo sitting on the case at the time as inapplicable condemning the actors in the burning of excavators to put a stop to the activity.


By: Ernest Tetteh Kabu | metrotvonline.com | Ghana



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