Jospong Group, ZeroNox partner to electrify 1,000 refuse trucks in Ghana

Jospong Group, ZeroNox partner to electrify 1,000 refuse trucks in Ghana

The Jospong Group and ZeroNox, a leading American firm specializing in sustainable vehicle electrification, have officially sealed a monumental partnership to drive clean technology solutions in Africa.

This groundbreaking collaboration marks a major milestone in the electrification of fleets and positions Ghana as a hub for electric vehicle and technology distribution on the continent.

Under the agreement, 1,000 refuse trucks owned by Zoomlion Limited across Ghana will undergo a remarkable transformation. They will be converted from diesel engines to electric power using ZeroNox’s Electric Powertrain Platform (ZEPP).

This initiative aims to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to a more sustainable future. The conversion is estimated to save the Jospong Group over USD$3 million over the span of five years.

The partnership between Jospong Group and ZeroNox not only signifies their shared vision of a greener, more sustainable future but also demonstrates their commitment to clean energy, sustainability, and technology development.

By embracing this innovative solution, the companies are driving economic growth and environmental stewardship not only in Ghana but also across the globe.

The support from both the United States of America and Ghana has been instrumental in paving the way for this transformative project. Their backing and encouragement have fueled the determination of Jospong Group and ZeroNox to make this ambitious endeavor a reality.

This collaboration not only brings positive environmental impacts but also presents immense economic opportunities for Ghana. By positioning the country as a distribution hub for electric vehicles and technology in Africa, it will attract investment, create jobs, and foster the growth of the local green economy.


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