Kasoa: Residents, journalists, stakeholders march for peace, reject negative tagging

Residents of Kasoa in the Central Region, journalists, and stakeholders have held a peaceful walk to promote peace and reject negative tagging of the area.

The march, which saw participants holding placards with messages such as “Spread love not hate”, “Kasoa residents are not criminals”, and “Kasoa girls are the most peaceful”, aimed to dispel negative perceptions about Kasoa and its people.

The peaceful walk, which went through the principal streets of Kasoa, was also used to call for peaceful elections in the upcoming polls.

Speaking to Metro TV in an interview, a resident said they want to show the world that Kasoa is a peaceful place, and they don’t appreciate the negative tagging.

The event was organized by a coalition of residents, journalists, and stakeholders who want to promote peace and unity in Kasoa.

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