Kasoa -Winneba Highway Flooding: Contractor failed to engage stakeholders – Buduburam Assemblyman

The Assemblyman for the Buduburam Electoral Area, Emmanuel Dogbe, has accused Firmount Constructions Limited, the company working on the Kasoa -Winneba Highway expansion of ignoring stakeholders in the construction.

According to Mr. Dogbe, he was not invited to any meeting with the construction firm or allowed to communicate with local opinion leaders. Instead, he only heard about the blasting activities from community members after they had occurred.

His comments come after the activities of the form led to the flooding of some communities along the Kasoa-Winneba road and the blocking of the road causing traffic.

Speaking to Metro TV, Mr. Dogbe expressed his frustration with the lack of proper communication from the contractors responsible for the project.

“The community wasn’t properly informed about the blasting done by the contractors working on the Kasoa–Winneba road expansion,” he told Metro TV’s Akwasi Addo.

Furthermore, he intimated he heard during the blasting operations, that students were to leave their school premises and residents closer to the scene were to vacate their homes temporarily.

“I can’t really tell the cause, but I think the particular blasting leading to the incident was heavy,” Mr. Dogbe speculated. He reported that this heavy blasting had caused significant damage to many houses in the area.

Mr. Dogbe made a heartfelt plea to Firmount Constructions Limited, urging them to follow all necessary precautions to prevent further damage or accidents that could endanger community members or drivers.

“We need to make sure that all clean measures are done so it won’t cause any damage or accidents to the community members or drivers,” he emphasized.

The Kasoa-Winneba highway has been blocked after a contractor working on the Kasoa-Cape Coast Highway changed the course of the Ayensu River.

This change caused heavy flooding and created a big trench across the road, leaving travelers stranded and causing traffic.

By: Nancy Oye Tanihu | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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