Korle Bu doctors suspend intended strike over 13th month arrears

Korle Bu doctors suspend intended strike over 13th month arrears

Members of the Korle Bu Doctors Association (KOSA) have suspended their planned 13th-month salary areas strike action which was to commence today, February 6 to February 10.

The decision was arrived at following an agreed timeline with management for the payment of the salary arrears.

In a release on January 31, 2023, KOSA threatened to embark on a 5-day strike action due to management’s failure to come up with clear timelines for payment of 13th-month salary arrears.

The doctors said it will withdraw its services to the outpatient department and elective surgeries over unpaid arrears.

“Beginning 30th of January to 5th February, 2023, KODA expects management to come out with clear timelines for the payment of the arrears and to make this payment a centralized one instead of departmental after all, every payment goes into a central pool,” they explained.

“If nothing is received, KODA members would withdraw service to Out-patient department as well as elective surgeries and procedures. This will commence on 6th February to 10th February 2023,” the KOBA said in a statement issued on January 30.

If management fails to meet their expectations, the Association threatens to withdraw emergency and other services.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana


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  • they can stay home forever because this hospital in particular does not offer anything good to ghanaians but rather serves as a death trap to our people. quack doctors have paraded themselves there killing innocent souls. They die some day also. I personally hate the entire hospitals including those murderesses who call themselves doctors. Fire burn them all.

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