Kotomah loses centenary “mom”

Hon. John Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten’s super dynamic strategic operations man, Mr Issahaku Kanyiti Kotomah broke down on Tuesday after hearing the sudden death of his centenary grandmother, Haja Hawa Kindawa Mahama while his operations team was with the New Patriotic Patriotic aspiring presidential candidate at the Bukom Boxing arena meeting three constituencies.

Mr Kotomah’s childhood friend, Haruna Mahama says that his deep sorrow is understandable because he grew up with his grandma, and they were inseparably bonded that many still argued that he is the lay born of the late Haja Hawa Kindawa.

According to him,” even though Issah Kanyiti Kotomah’s father was wealthy by Bole standards, Mmmaaabile took him away from the mother (a teacher) and father (a transport owner) and taught him the intricacies of life, especially, hard work and Islamic values.”

“I remember the days Issah Kotomah out of love for his grandmother followed her around her trading business and would put things on his head to sell in their area in Bole. I remember how he could cook, wash and do many things at his tender age with the guidance Mmmaaabile. I remember how he could recite Islamic verses with ease. I remember how he carried food to Mmmaaabile’s husband, his grandfather. They had a very strong bond so he breaking down sobbing in public is understandable,” Mr Mahama revealed.

The Nkligi FM Manager shared the most profound thing Kotomah’s grandmother to him, “Thank your for giving me money for the past 20 years. Thank your friend for building this nice self-contained apartment I live in now… I will die a happy and proud grandmother that brought up a responsible grandson.”

When we contacted Mr Kotomah he could not talk exhibiting signs of excruciating emotional pains. “I am going home tomorrow” is all he could put himself together to say.

Her funeral arrangements are underway in line with Islamic laws and customs after her burial on Tuesday.

Our heartfelt condolences are with Kotomah and his entire family. May mmmaaabile rest in the bosom of Allah.

The late Haja Hawa Kindawa is the daughter of the late Kansanwuriche of Bole Traditional area.

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