Ladies Group Support NDC’S Kumawu PC Kwasi Amankwaa ahead of 2024 elections.

The political climate in Ghana is heating up as the country prepares for the upcoming elections. One candidate who is garnering a lot of support is the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Kumawu MP hopeful. Thousands of ladies have rallied behind the candidate, showing their support and enthusiasm for his campaign.

The NDC Kumawu MP hopeful Kwasi Amankwaa popularly known as TOM C on Sunday 8th July, 2024 launched TOM C ladies, an all female dedicated campaign team.

The event saw in attendance Constituency and Regional Executives of the National Democratic Congress, Actors Michael Afranie, Nana Yeboah and Kala Kumasi as well NDC enthusiasts and party hopefuls.

Speaking at the launch of TOM C ladies, NDC Kumawu MP hopeful Kwasi Amankwaa commended the ladies for their continuous support and dedication and urged them to step up and put in the necessary effort to help secure victory in this important constituency.

TOM C has been drawing crowds of supporters at his campaign rallies who are passionate about the candidate’s vision for the future of Kumawu.

Many of the women who have rallied behind the NDC Kumawu MP Kwasi Amankwaa aka TOM C, see him as a champion for gender equality and are inspired by his commitment to address issues that are important to women in Kumawu.

As the elections draw nearer, the momentum behind the NDC Kumawu MP hopeful continues to grow. TOM C ladies are a potent force, and their support could prove to be a deciding factor in the outcome of the election.

Source : Christopher Agbodo Ranson /

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