Landguard Menace: A growing threat to property owners – EduWatch Director

Landguard Menace: A growing threat to property owners – EduWatch Director

Kofi Asare, Executive Director of Africa Education Watch, has issued a stark warning over the growing threat posed by landguards in Ghana, citing an alarming escalation in their activities.

Landguards, notorious for their violent tactics and illegal activities, have become an increasingly menacing presence in the country, leaving citizens and communities vulnerable to intimidation and exploitation.

Sharing his personal experiences of losing valuable properties to these vigilante groups in a Facebook post, Mr Asare recounted how he lost two plots of land at New Legon and Old Ashongman to landguards, resulting in significant financial losses.

He emphasized that the landguard menace has evolved from a petty issue to an organized crime syndicate with sophisticated arms and connections.

“Landguard business has evolved from a peasant activity patronised by delinquent youth into an organised crime with shareholders”

“In 2006, I bought two plots of land at New Legon; [and] lost them to land guards. A plot of land in that area costs about GHC 500,000 today”

“In 2007, i exchanged my only Geo Prizm car for a plot of land at Old Ashongman. I lost the land and over 2,000 blocks on-site to land guards who came and sprayed live bullets, injuring one of the masons,” he recounted.

Mr. Asare called for a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the activities of landguards and dismantle their networks. He expressed concern over the growing threat to property owners and the need for the state to act.

“Thing is, today’s land guards are too sophisticated in arms; and are very connected”

“Perhaps, we need a Commission of Inquiry into the activities of landguard, and how to break their network.”

The post comes amidst recent reports of violent clashes between landguards and security forces, resulting in the death of a soldier in Millennium City a suburb in Kasoa.

Mr. Asare also paid tribute to the slain soldier, highlighting the urgent need for a comprehensive approach to address the landguard menace.

“The state must be concerned!”

“May the soul of the slain soldier RIP,” he concluded.

By: Bright Yao Dzakah | | Ghana

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