Lands Minister commends Bono House of Chiefs for tree planting initiative along all water bodies

Lands Minister commends Bono House of Chiefs for tree planting initiative along all water bodies

The Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Mr. Samuel A. Jinapor has highly commended the Bono Regional House of Chiefs for the initiative to plant trees along all water bodies in the region to help preserve the water bodies for posterity.

He said ” This initiative is highly commendable”


The Minister said he is very happy about the idea of the chiefs and would back the initiative with all resources it requires to ensure it succeeds.

He stressed ” We will support you with seedlings, money, any material support that you would need, count on us to make it available for this project”

Hon. Jinapor further stated that the initiative could be taken up on a large scale with all the other 15 Regional House of Chiefs’ buying into the idea practicing same to preserve the water bodies and the natural resources in the country.

Addressing the Chiefs as part of his one-day tour of the Region, he said, to get the Chiefs abreast with the laws regarding land administration, he will ensure that every chief receives a copy of the land act to be followed by a sensitisation programme which is already ongoing.

He appealed to the chiefs to work closely with the Bono Regional Minister to resolve many of the issues in the Region, including the issuing of mining licenses to investors and mining companies in the Region.

He “we have gotten to a point where government and traditional authorities have to work together to protect the country’s lands and forestry sub-sectors for the benefit of current and future generations”

Adding that, these companies should adhere strictly to their Corporate Social Responsibility for the benefit of the community and the country as a whole.

The Minister stated emphatically that the chiefs must see to the arrest of individuals who engage in logging and other related activities stressing that as a Minister he has never issued out a license whatsoever for such activities to take place and so they must not allow it.


The Vice President of the Bono Regional House of Chiefs who doubles as the Chief of Drobo, Okogyeredom Sakyiako II, underscored the importance of protecting the natural resources of the country, particularly the water resources.

He said that the House of chiefs have decided as a matter of urgency to plant trees along all water bodies within the region to protect them and keep them for posterity

He also disclosed that the house as part of this initiative has already engaged a consultant and will soon come up with a proposal aimed at planting trees along water bodies and degraded lands in the Bono region.

He added that this proposal will be presented to the honourable Minister when ready to obtain the necessary support for the overall success of the project.

The Vice President who spoke on behalf of the President of the Bono Regional House of Chiefs, Osagyefo Oseadeeyo Agyeman Badu II said Nananom as part of their commitment to enriching their Land and Natural Resources by dealing with land and environmental degradation, deforestation, and global warming will ensure that their determination to help the government protect the lands and natural resources is realized.

He, therefore, urged the House to rally support behind the Hon. Minister to succeed in this national exercise.

He said ” if he succeeds, it is for the Bono Region and for Ghana as a whole so let us support him”

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