Legislature is an embodiment of govt, use it – Boakye Antwi to  Ghanaians

Eugene Boakye Antwi, Member of Parliament for Subin Constituency says the legislature is an embodiment of governance and all activities must be channeled through it. He called on actors to play their roles to make this successful.

The New Patriotic Party legislator was speaking to correct the midst action of throwing hands in the air and putting blames everywhere when issues of national concern arise amidst calls for instant justice by the opposition NDC on perpetrators of crime.

“In any democracy for that matter, Parliament is supreme. Why we sometimes want to draw in the president when there are people charged with these responsibilities. It’s sometimes beyond my thinking,” Boakye Antwi said on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana, Wednesday, July 7.

He said Ghana has come of age and it must begin to have a better approach to issues such as this, stating the recent violence in parts of the country that called the attention of actors.

“As a nation, we are growing. Am sure from last week when these issues broke out, the murder of Kaaka in Ejura, and the beatings of residents of Wa and what have you. We can clearly see that the wheels of the institutions of this country are beginning to run and we must allow it to run its full course,” he stated.

Eugene Antwi said questions can be asked if persons are unsatisfied with the outcome of the probe action.

“When there are reports at the end of such investigations or such enquires then we can begin to interrogate what is going on with our nation. That’s a forward-looking approach,” he added.

Mr. Antwi commended citizens’ action and participation in programs to draw the attention of actors saying, “I am relishing the prospect of seeing the ‘Fix the Country’ project to come on board. And my colleagues in the NDC must also give alternate solutions because they are the largest opposition party in the country, right. So if they have issues with security and stuff, then they must provide us with alternate solutions”


By: Ernest Tetteh Kabu | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana



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