Leniency with children is a hallmark of the law – Lawyer Gideon Tetteh

A private legal practitioner Gideon Tettey Tetteh has emphasized that the law is designed to be lenient with children, prioritizing their rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

Explaining on Mmra Nsem on Original TV, Lawyer Tetteh said “the law is careful and lenient with children. It is against the law to sentence a child to death or imprisonment. Instead, children are sent to correctional centers for rehabilitation”.

He noted that juvenile courts operate separately from adult courts, with distinct procedures and laws tailored to minors.

The emphasis, he said, is on providing educational, therapeutic, and social services to help juveniles correct their behavior and reintegrate into society.

According to him, many systems use diversion programs to redirect young offenders away from formal judicial proceedings and toward community-based services.

He also noted that juvenile proceedings are often confidential to protect the minor’s identity and future opportunities.

The lawyer emphasized that the system encourages parental or guardian involvement in the process to support the minor’s rehabilitation.

Sentences, he told Lawyer Twum Barimah, the host of the show that, are designed to be proportionate to the age and developmental stage of the juvenile, often avoiding incarceration in favor of probation, community service, or residential treatment programs.

By: Sandra Tetteh | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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