Let’s fight corruption together as African nations – Prof. Sadiq

Let’s fight corruption together as African nations – Prof. Sadiq

The Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee against corruption in Nigeria, Prof Sadiq Isah Radda  has called on African leadership, especially Ghana to collaborate with Nigeria to fight corruption out of the system to foster development.

He explained that corruption has really affected most African countries in terms of development and economic growth, and therefore requires every measure necessary within law be adopted to fight and reduce canker to the bearers minimum.

Prof Sadiq further explained that as Chairman of the anti-corruption body, he can state emphatically that, Nigeria has made some level of success in the corruption fight and believe when Ghana and other countries team up to fight together, it would go a long way to help boost development.

He advised that Ghana and Nigeria must team up with all seriousness corruption fight deserves to expose people who steal from state funds and run to either countries,  where they usually hide so that, these people could be subjected to the laws for justice to prevail.

The leader of Nigeria’s delegation Prof Sadiq made these remarks when they appeared in a meeting with the Judiciary Committee of Ghana’s Parliament last Friday 25 November 2022 to find an appropriate means of fighting corruption across the sub-region.

The vice chairman on Ghana’s judicial committee of Parliament, Alhassan Abdallah Iddi also added that corruption has really affected the progress and fortune of Africa, most especially in Ghana and Nigeria considering the number of natural resources these two countries are blessed with and yet development and progress of citizenry are nothing to talk about due to corrupt practices of some people in certain positions of the country.

He said, it’s about time leadership and other institutions both in government and civil society organisations come together and act with all seriousness in dealing with officials who are amassing wealth illegally at the expense of the state, and yet most of these corrupt people are left unpunished due to lack of political will.

The vice chairman really appreciated the newly adopted laws of Nigeria in fighting corruption where assets of corrupt officials are confiscated immediately after he or she is sighted for engaging in corruption then such persons are made to face the law and prove their Innocence or otherwise.

The member of Parliament for Zebilla who doubles as ranking member on the committee, Mr Cletus Apul Avoka also condemned the rate at which some government officials in Africa try to take advantage of the system and steal from the state without any stiffer punishment even if such people are put before the law, more especially if the person sighted for corruption belong to the ruling government.

He suggested that it’s about time leadership must reconsider the sociological aspect of society where people’s moral is completely corrupt to the point that, all what they need in life is money and fame.

He said, the situation was quite different especially between the years 1975 to about 1990 thereabouts, where the issue of corruption was not part of the citizenry in Ghana, and even if there were, it was very minimal.

Finally, the Member of Parliament for Bosome Freho, who doubles as a member on the committee, Mr AKwasi Darko Boateng called on civil society organisations and other corruption-fighting agencies to focus more on the activities of the technocrats, since majority of corrupt activities do happen within this class, yet all eyes are on politicians.

He explained that politicians are asked to declare their assets in order to check corruption but the level of corrupt activities in the public service is far higher than what is perceived in the political domain.

Mr Boateng further blamed politicians, especially those on the opposite side for criticising the government of being a witch hunt in its effort to pursue corrupt political officials and put them before the law.

The Bosome Freho MP, Mr Boateng suggested that there must be a change in how society thinks that, the rich are supposed to lead the people, or if one wants to be recognize in society, the person must find all means possible, even if it’s against the laws or societal norms and believes.


By: Martin Kwabena Ahwireng | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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