Minority Leader accuses Electoral Commission of bias over SALL debacle

The Minority Leader, Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson, has accused the Electoral Commission (EC) of bias for organizing a by-election in Ejisu while continuing to deprive the people of Santrokofi, Apkafu, Lolobi, and Lipke (SALL), now known as the Guan Constituency, a parliamentary representative.

Dr. Forson made the comment during his congratulatory message to the Member of Parliament for Ejisu, Kwabena Boateng, following his confirmation by the House.

He expressed concerns that the EC’s actions were unfair and disenfranchising the people of SALL.

However, the Majority Leader, Alexander Afenyo-Markin, disagreed with Dr. Forson’s assertion, stating that the EC must be allowed to do its work without interference. He argued that the EC is an independent body responsible for conducting elections and must be given the space to perform its duties.

The controversy highlights the ongoing tensions between the Minority and Majority sides in Parliament, with the Guan Constituency remaining without a parliamentary representative.


EC denies disenfranchising SALL in 2020 elections

The Electoral Commission of Ghana has categorically denied accusations made by the President of IMANI Africa, a policy think tank, that it disenfranchised the people of Santrokofi, Apkafu, Lolobi, and Lipke (SALL), now known as the Guan Constituency, in the 2020 parliamentary election.

In a statement on May 14, the Commission said the creation of the Guan District (SALL) was done through a Legislative Instrument (L.I. 2416) laid in Parliament on October 6, 2020, which matured on November 9, 2020, just a month before the 2020 General Elections.

According to the Commission, it received a letter from the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development on November 10, 2020, informing it of the creation of the Guan District and requesting it to take steps to create a new constituency. However, due to Parliament’s recess from November 9 to December 14, 2020, the Commission could not lay the necessary Constitutional Instrument (C.I.) to bring the Guan Constituency into effect as required by law.

The Commission emphasized that it could not have disenfranchised the people of SALL, as alleged by IMANI Africa, given the circumstances and the legal requirements for creating a new constituency.

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