Nana Oye Bampoe sues ex-husband, demands $1.5m in damages

Nana Oye Bampoe sues ex-husband, demands $1.5m in damages

A former Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Nana Oye Bampoe Addo, has sued her ex-husband, Tony Lithur, for libel over their divorce petition filed on May 2, 2018.

The two were customarily married on April 14, 1991, and the marriage was converted into ordinance marriage by the parties in January 1998.

On May 2, 2018, however, Mr Lithur, a senior legal practitioner, filed a petition for divorce against Nana Oye, which has been heard partly.

Nana Oye said in the divorce petition, that Mr Lithur made false averments and caused the defamatory words to be published.

She is, therefore, demanding general damages of $500,000 and exemplary damages of $1 million.

The former Minister said in Mr Lithur’s response dated July 9, 2018, he again made false averments and caused them to be published to defame her.

Nana Oye said these false statements about her were maliciously and knowingly published by Mr Lithur in his divorce petition and response.

These were severally printed, broadcast and published across the World Wide Web, newspapers, broadcast channels, social media and by bloggers.

According to Nana Oye, the words and statements contained in the petition referred her to as an “adulterer with loose morals”, a “cruel and violent person, a lazy and irresponsible mother”.

It also portrayed her as a person, who though holding herself out as a human rights lawyer, was violating the rights of her household members with acts in direct contradiction to her profession, she stated.

She contended that Mr Lithur’s statement about her intention to purchase an investment property in South Africa soon after leaving office for $350,000 to $500,000.00 inferred that she was not only a corrupt person, but also abused her office to steal public funds to enable her to purchase the alleged property.

Nana Oye said due to the false averments and publications of the acquisition of investment property in South Africa by Mr Lithur, the OSP instituted investigations into corruption and corruption-related offences, money laundering and illegal acquisition of property in South Africa against her.

She was, subsequently, admitted to bail, while a pending case was published against her by the OSP, making her engage legal services to defend herself.

Nana Oye denied committing any of the acts alleged by Mr Lithur, saying he published the defamatory words knowing very well that they were untrue.

The sole intention was to cause considerable damage to her and to disparage her reputation, she noted.

The former Gender Minister said because of these false statements and publications by the defendant, she had been seriously injured in her reputation and had been shunned and brought to public ridicule, hatred, scandal, odium, and contempt.

Nana Oye said since the publication, she had been inundated with phone calls, insults, and humiliation.

She also had to avoid certain public appearances and had to resign from lecturing at a particular tertiary institution.

The former Minister stated that she had since been “answering embarrassing questions and suffering humiliating treatments from different people, including strangers, associates, friends, family members, foreigners, some members of the international community, international acquaintances, and colleague professionals.”

Nana Oye is, therefore, seeking some reliefs - including a perpetual injunction restraining the defendant jointly and severally, “either by himself and or his assign(s) from further making any averments or publishing or causing to be published, the said defamatory words or similar words.”

She also wants Mr Lithur to retract his statement and apologise and cause the apology to be published on social media, including his Facebook wall, the website of Lithur, Brew & Company, on Twitter (now X) and the Instagram handles of the defendant, and all his social media handles.

Source: GNA

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