National Cathedral: Duncan Williams, Eastwood Anaba call for halt of construction until independent audit

Two of the nation’s top preachers and the Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral project have urged the government to suspend its construction and call for an independent audit.

In a memo leaked online, the eminent clergymen Archbishop Duncan Williams and Reverend Joseph Eastwood Anaba noted that their call is premised on the controversy surrounding the construction.

The suspension will open the door for transparency and accountability, the men of God wrote in the memo.

The clergymen further called for an independent audit into the expenditures of the project.

Specifically, they recommended that the auditor(s) must be one that is nationally recognised.

“That in the spirit and cause of transparency and accountability to the Ghanaian people, the current Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral shall appoint an independent, nationally recognised accounting firm to audit all public funds contributed to and spent by the National Cathedral.

“Auditors will also audit the overall cost of the project. This appointment of an auditor shall take place before the deferment of activities of the Board of Trustees,” excerpts of the memo said.

The two reverend ministers also argue in the memo that the present predicament bringing untold hardship on Ghanaians makes it unwise to proceed with the National Cathedral project.

“That current activities advancing the construction of Ghana’s National Cathedral shall be deferred until the atmospherics in Ghana are improved and the audit of the Cathedral account is done,” said the respected preachers.


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