NDC calls for arrest of NPP Communications Director over voter registration irregularities

NDC calls for arrest of NPP Communications Director over voter registration irregularities

National Deputy Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress, Malik Basintale has called for the immediate arrest of Richard Ahiagbah, the Director of Communications of the New Patriotic Party.

In a zoom interview on Metro TV, Malik Basintale’s earnest call was made when Mr. Ahiagbah was challenged when he turned up at the Ketu South District in the Volta Region to register in the ongoing limited voters registration exercise.

According to Malik Basintale, Ahiagbah voted in the 2020 elections in the Ketu South constituency despite not being a registered voter.

Basintale made the accusation on Metro TV’s News Night program, stating that Ahiagbah’s actions are a threat to Ghana’s democracy.

The NDC is demanding answers on how Ahiagbah was able to vote without being registered

“First of all, there are so many unanswered questions to what happened there, we are reliably informed that Richard Ahiagbah voted in the Ketu South in 2020 and our sources indicate that he voted which we are yet to get footage of. We are surprised Richard Ahiagbah wanting today to register for the first time to be a Ghanaian voter.”

“It’s interesting how a whole Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party will not be a registered voter in this country which meant that he is speaking for a country he didn’t vote for, no wonder we have been seeing a lot of things happening past time and we are calling for the immediate arrest of Richard Ahiagbah, he must be asked how he voted in 2020, and he must be asked why he voted when his name was not in the register,” said Malik Basintale.

Expressing disgust about the matter, Malik Basintale is determined to set an example out of the New Patriotic Party’s Communications Director and is using this incident as a warning to others who may attempt similar irregularities in the 2024 elections.

“We cannot allow things like this happen in our democracy, at some point in time we must stop, we will use Richard Ahiagbah as a scape goat for anyone and everyone out there, any NPP member who is trying something fishy to know that we are in for business and we are not going to joke in the 2024 elections.


In a viral video making rounds on social media, the New Patriotic Party Communications Director, Richard Ahiagbah was challenged by some persons at registration center in Ketu South in the Volta Region on Saturday, May 11, when he turned up to register at the ongoing limited voters registration exercise.

The questions have been;

1. Has he ever registered as a voter?
2. Has he voted in any general election?
3. How did he become National Communications Director, if he has never voted for his party before?
4. Why did EC’s BVR not reject him if he has registered before or identified him as a multiple register?

Metro TV reached out to Richard Ahiagbah but he declined to communicate on the matter.

By: Vanessa Edotom Boateng | Metrotvonline.com | Ghana

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