NDC Is Just Like The False Prophet- Nana Kay

NDC Is Just Like The False Prophet- Nana Kay

Nana Kay, a member of the New Patriotic Party’s communication team, has referred to the National Democratic Congress as a false prophet.

Nana Kay referred to NDC as a false prophet who is only able to recognize issues but is powerless to address them.

He stated vehemently that their just-ended run state of the country address was a stupid choice.

He said that ”The understanding I Received from the true state of the nation addressed by the NDC is that they are just like the false prophets. They can identify your problems but cannot do anything about them, then as a prophet, I won’t come to you to identify the problem for me, because I came to you with a stomach upset to heal me, but you rather tell me the root cause of it is from my mother.

”So in this case you weren’t able to heal me, and you’ve created another problem on top and when you finish you will leverage on the problem to extort money from me and that is the NDC. So the result of the NDC identifying the problem is crecreatedoot and share because if you allow them to help resolve an issue, the strategy they will use is just like that of the false prophets”

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