Nigerian Rapper Dremo Jabs Sarkodie

Nigerian Rapper Dremo Jabs Sarkodie

Nigerian artist Dremo has thrown shots at Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie over his claims of being Africa’s top rapper.

Sarkodie’s latest single, ‘Brag,’ made waves as he confidently positioned himself at the apex of the African music industry, name-dropping notable Nigerian stars including Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, and Asake.

In a bold declaration, Sarkodie stated that he faces no competition within Africa, with his only rivals being American rap luminaries Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

The stakes were raised when a fan tagged Dremo on Instagram, urging him to take on Sarkodie. Without hesitation, Dremo responded with a resounding “Hold my beer.”

In a swift rebuttal, Dremo unleashed a rap diss aimed squarely at Sarkodie, challenging his assertions and indicating that success is not merely about longevity but about current achievements.

Dremo also emphasized the success of the Nigerian artists mentioned by Sarkodie and issued a fiery warning to the Ghanaian star, who had proclaimed himself as the GOAT (Greatest of All Time).

In a cheeky social media response, Sarkodie acknowledged Dremo’s potential while subtly downplaying the Nigerian rapper’s challenge, indicating that Dremo only needs a few adjustments to reach his full potential.

While many people argue that Sarkodie should reply to Dremo with another song, others say it’s not necessary.

Interestingly, other artists such as Ghana’s CJ Biggerman and Lyrical Joe, along with Nigeria’s Chinkotiger, entered the fray, fiercely defending the honour of their respective countries’ rap scenes.

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