Ningo-Prampram NDC Primaries: Police Arrest Two Delegates

Ningo-Prampram NDC Primaries: Police Arrest Two Delegates


Two delegates were arrested by the Ghana Police Service for having discussions at the New Ningo D/A Basic School B polling place in the Greater Accra area’s Ningo-Prampram constituency.

The primaries in the seat have been compared to a struggle between light and darkness by Ningo-Prampram MP Samuel Nartey George.

He claims that by bringing the Nana Addo administration’s feet to the fire of accountability, he has not only served his constituents in the house of the legislature well, but has also served the party well.

The incumbent and former constituency chairman Michael Tetteh are squarely in competition in the Ningo-Prampram contest. Sam George questioned the true motivation of his opponent’s bid for parliamentary representation when speaking to Starr News about his chances in today’s election.

“Saturday (today) is a contest between light and darkness. A contest between anyone who stands for what’s just, what’s it honest, speaks the voice and mind of the ordinary Ghanaian, serves this country with all that he has. Has served his party, laid his life on the altar for his party on several occasions. Someone who is dedicated to both the course of the NDC and Ghana and the ordinary Ghanaian on one side and then someone who says he’s looking for a position because he is a business man and wants to do business.

“Someone who has no qualms with where his support comes from whether it’s from the despicable LGBTQ community or wherever, he’s willing to take money from any and everybody because all he wants is power at all cost. Walks around making all kinds of promises he cannot fulfil. When he had a track record of never fulfilling the promises he’s made in the past in this constituency, it’s a contest between light and darkness,” the lawmaker stated.

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