Northern Region: Two Alleged Witches Lynched At Zakpalsi

Northern Region: Two Alleged Witches Lynched At Zakpalsi

It has emerged that two persons have been reportedly lynched in the Northern Region over witchcraft accusations.

The unfortunate incident happened in Zakpalsi, a farming community in the Mion District in the Northern Region.

According to multiple reports, one of the lynched persons gave a contaminated snuff to a resident who subsequently complained of stomach aches shortly after taking the snuff.

The woman later died.

The two were accused of ‘buying’ sickness for the woman after a soothsayer was consulted by the deceased woman’s family.

Infuriated by the report of the soothsayer, the youth of the community attacked the alleged witch, Imoro Safura and her husband.

The husband was attacked and killed in the couple’s home by the angry youth, but the wife managed to escape to the chief palace for refuge.

The youth however besieged the chief’s palace and took her out and had her killed.

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