Owners of Blue Jeans Energy Drink in court over unlawful demolishing of their $3m property

Owners of Blue Jeans Energy Drink in court over unlawful demolishing of their $3m property

The Aggrey family, owners of Blue Jeans Energy Drink is taking legal action against Dr. Harry Kporn-Dawson, for according to them, demolishing a structure belonging to them worth $3m in a prime area at Trassaco in the Greater Accra.

According to the Aggrey family,they insists they have solid legal permit to claim the ownership of the property which belongs to their father.

One of the family members speaking under anonymous with Metro News said he could not understand why one Dr. Harry Kporn-Dawson must have permit to develop the land and demolish their project, running into millions of dollars.

“On 29th of March,2023,around 5am I started getting phone calls from our neighbors saying a batch of Police Officers armed with weapons and land guards with excavators have invaded the site, so we immediately approached them and told them that this property belongs to our father and the case is in court and there is an injunction on it so on what grounds are they demolishing it? And the commander was Mr. Richard so we immediately approached him and he brought us a writ from Dr. Harry Kporn-Dawson’s company who had a case against late Joyce Boakye who sold the land to Nana Aggrey so they have no right to demolish it,”he said

He went on to say that the demolition was illegal and unacceptable.

Giving the background to the land acquisition, he emphasised that the land was legitimately purchased  2001 from the late Joyce Boakye  with no dispute until July 2023.

The case is currently in court and Metrotvonline will follow closely and update the general public with the outcome.

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