Owusu Bempah trial: Investigate police presence at the courtroom – Kwesi Pratt

Owusu Bempah trial: Investigate police presence at the courtroom – Kwesi Pratt

Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Mr. Kwesi Pratt Junior, is calling for a probe into the prevention of journalists from covering the court hearing of embattled Reverend Minister, Isaac Owusu Bempah.

The seasoned journalist believes the policemen at the courtroom were not only members of the state security but ‘militant’ associated with the controversial pastor.

He called for a probe to certify the truth and establish the personnel that sent the policemen on that errand.

Mr. Pratt was delighted about the enthusiasm of the head of the police force to probe the matter, saying the video footage is under study and that he was hopeful that the perpetrators will be brought to book.

The veteran journalist made these remarks following a reported hostility shown to journalists who went to cover the court case of Rev. Owusu Bempah.

Rev. Isaac Owusu Bempah was apprehended with three others for brandishing weapons and assaulting police officers.

Providing his view on the outspoken preacher’s comportment on Metro TV Good Morning Ghana, Mr. Kwesi Pratt said it is conceived that the Owusu Bempeh under trial has his own security that formed a united front to fight the journalists who were on official duty.

“They are personal bodyguards of this Reverend and uniform police officers managed to team up against journalists covering the assignment,” he told program host, Dr. Randy Abbey, on Wednesday, September 15, 2021.

The ace journalist demanded to know who sent those policemen on duty, suggesting that if they were assigned on merit, they couldn’t have teamed up to fight the media personnel.

“First of all, who assigned these policemen to the case? Who assigned the policemen because if the policemen were randomly picked, this collaboration would not have been possible?” he unraveled.

Mr. Pratt was of the conviction with hindsight that some of the police involved in the act backed the Rev. Minister to frustrate the work of journalists.

“So clearly somebody sent policemen there in order to protect the Reverend in order to prevent journalists from doing their work,” he assumed.

Based on information gathered, Mr. Pratt observed that the presence of the few policemen at the scene does not provide enough evidence of the truth pleading on the police authority to progress in their investigation to ascertain the whole truth.

“It is not just about the policemen who were on the scene. I think we need to take a step further to identify who sent these police teams to the grounds and what instructions the policemen were given,” he advised.

Mr. Pratt hailed the police posture in addressing the issue, indicating that the police statement that was released later said pictures of the incident were being examined assuring that offenders will be made to face the law.

“Be that as it may, I am impressed by the willingness of the police to investigate the matter. The statement said that the team is currently studying the details of the alleged assault and that those involved will be punished,” he assured.

“I do hope that some of the policemen that were involved will also be identified and dealt with according to the regulations of the police,” he added.


By: Ernest Tetteh Kabu | Metrotvonlinrer.com | Ghana

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