Pepaase residents threaten election boycott over broken bridge

Residents of Pepaase, a farming community in the Bono Region, are threatening to boycott the 2024 general elections unless the government fixes its broken bridge.

The bridge, which connects the community to neighboring towns, has been in a state of disrepair for years, hindering economic progress and job creation.

Despite promises from politicians, no action has been taken to address the issue.

Community leaders and residents have vowed not to participate in the elections unless the bridge is fixed. “No bridge, no vote,” they chanted in unison.

The Sanaahene of Pepaase, a local chief, expressed frustration over the government’s neglect of the community’s infrastructure.

“The damaged bridge has expelled companies willing to invest in our community, and we will not stand idly by,” he said.

Unit Committee Member Kwame Henneh reiterated the community’s resolve to boycott the elections and stage demonstrations until their demands are met.

The threat of an election boycott has raised concerns among political parties, who are keen to secure votes in the upcoming elections.

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