Plan International Ghana successfully hosts 2024 Youth Exhibition in Ho

The event, themed “Youth Empowerment, A Necessary Tool for Development,” showcased the ingenuity and dedication of thirty-two youth-led organizations across various sectors including climate change, child rights, local governance, health, sanitation, women’s rights, education, and agriculture.

The event was graced by the Honourable Municipal Chief Executive, His Lordship High Court Judge, directors of partner institutions, members of the media, and other distinguished guests. The vibrant youth participants were lauded for their innovative initiatives that aim to tackle some of society’s most pressing issues.

,The Country Director of Plan International Ghana, Mr. Constant Tchona in his opening, emphasizing the pivotal role of youth in addressing global challenges. He highlighted the organization’s commitment to empowering young individuals through strategic support and resource allocation.

“In a world that is constantly facing complex challenges, it is the youth who hold the key to unlocking solutions,” Mr. Tchona stated. He commended the determination of young people to address issues such as the climate crisis, social injustice, education inequality, gender inequality, and healthcare disparities.

Mr Tchona outlined the significant investments made by Plan International Ghana to support youth-led initiatives. Through the Flexible Funds and the Youth Challenge Fund, a total of GHC359,999 has been awarded to five youth-led groups across the Southern and Northern Programme Impact and Influencing Areas. Additionally, Plan International Canada has provided GHC901,000 in flexible funding to ten more youth-led groups and the Alumni Network of Plan International Ghana.

“The Youth Challenge Fund is an inclusive, competitive, flexible, and participatory fund for girls and youth-led groups aged 15-30. It strengthens their organizations, ensuring they survive, continue to flourish, and respond effectively in their communities,” Mr. Tchona explained.

Highlighting other impactful projects, Mr. Tchona mentioned the female graduate volunteer programme, which has invested GHC70,000 to benefit six graduate ladies. The “Be Smart and Stay Protected” project, funded by Plan International Germany, has supported thirty-six youths with GHC230,000 to improve their livelihoods through start-up packs for their businesses.

Furthermore, under the Learn programme, five young females have been trained in traditionally male-dominated trades, with an investment of GHC47,000.

In the Northern Programme Impact and Influencing Area, initiatives include a GHC61,000 grant to a musical group to produce gender-transformative songs for schools and communities, and GHC800,000 for sixty-five adolescent girls’ sexual reproductive health rights clubs.

Mr. Tchona emphasized the importance of embracing technology and collaboration to sustain the gains made through these initiatives. “Each project showcased here today represents a step forward in the journey towards a more empowered youth, especially young women, and a more equitable, sustainable, and inclusive society,” he remarked.

Mr. Tchona urge the youth to remain steadfast in their commitment to making a difference. “As you continue to pursue your dreams and aspirations, remember that every small action and every innovative idea has the potential to create ripple effects that can transform communities and beyond,” he encouraged.

Volta Regional Director of Gender, Mrs. Thywil Eyra Kpe was excited about the success of the program and hopes that more youth groups can join the train in the future.

Meanwhile, some of the excited participants say they are grateful for the opportunities offered to them by Plan Ghana and hope to improve their skills and also be able to get more sponsorships.

The 2024 Youth Exhibition stands as a testament to the power of youth empowerment as a necessary tool for development, inspiring hope, and driving positive change across communities.

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