PLF pushes for indigenous knowledge in development

The People’s Liberation Front (PLF) is advocating for the integration of Africa’s indigenous knowledge systems (IKS) into various sectors to drive sustainable development.

According to Madam Yaa Akuffo Asa-Awuku, Director of Public Policy for PLF, “Africa’s indigenous knowledge systems are a treasure trove of wisdom that can empower our youth, harness our natural resources, and drive sustainable development.”

PLF proposes a multi-faceted approach, including integrating IKS into education, supporting community-based initiatives, recognizing traditional medicine, promoting sustainable tourism, enforcing environmental conservation, and training indigenous knowledge holders.

“We need to transfer knowledge from one generation to the next and collaborate with researchers, traditional knowledge holders, and innovators to develop solutions for sustainable development,” Madam Akuffo emphasized.

She believes that by implementing these strategies, Africa can achieve sustainable development, preserve its cultural heritage, and improve citizens’ lives while maintaining its unique identity.

“Africa can move forward in development without losing its cultural heritage. We can have development and preservation happening side by side,” Madam Akuffo said.

PLF is committed to championing this cause to ensure Ghana’s development is rooted in its cultural heritage.

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