Project positive image of the Law School to improve our prospects on the legal market — Law School SRC President to students

The Ghana School of Law, recently, admitted about 699 students to undertake their professional legal training. As part of the formalities for the confirmation of their status as students of the noble institution, there was an orientation ceremony held on the Accra-Makola campus and Kumasi campus of the Institution.

The programme, featured a speech by the Student Representative Council President, Odupong Agyapong Atta-Agyapong, who made certain key points to the gathering.

He recognized the long-standing relationship between students and management and noted that this was as a result of the values that underpin the legal profession.

As a recognition of the glories of the past and the potential of the future, of the legal profession, he stated thus; “Our discipline is conservative and yet a progressive one. It is the Pearl of Great Price, the discovery of which, shall require you to sell all other values in exchange for it.

He went on to admonish the inductees by using the story of one student, the aim of which was to motivate students to take their studies seriously.

Citing the fascinating story of one Etornam, the Student Representative Council President, Odupong Agyapong Atta-Agyapong urged students of the Ghana Law School to project a positive image of the school to improve their prospects on the legal market.

“Etornam, a student of this school has paid part of the price. Her story motivates me — a beautiful and cheerful woman in her late 40s. A family woman with four kids, Etornam, until joining the Law School worked as a Clerk with the Judicial Service of Ghana.

“A person whom I consider a friend, we met somewhere in the middle of our second term in Part 1. She will usually sit, eye glued, to her books on the 3rd floor of the UPSA Law library. The Librarian will jokingly describe her as his number one student. That day, as she told me her story, I appreciated the Librarian better. ‘Unlike other students, I am a slow learner. This is my 7th year and 7th attempt at writing the Entrance Exams. I was Judicial Service personnel just there. I walked through this school on daily basis and yet could not enter. Having entered, I will guide this opportunity with all that I have.”

ETORNAM had been awoken by her experience – an experience that had raised her consciousness and kept her alive to her present realities.  To her, nothing is worthy except her Call to the Bar.

It must be noted that of all his remarks, one stood out. This bordered on the fact that the image of the Law School had suffered in recent times and needed some image polishing.

He reiterated the fact that a bad image spoke badly of law students, by stating; “As Professional Apprentices (Law Students), we must remember that, what puts us in business is our License. Each one of us, therefore, is a distinct developing Business Corporation.

“You are developing your own business here at the Law School. If we don’t stand up as a matter of first important priority to defend our businesses, by controlling the narrative out there, we risk raising down our Business Corporations (ourselves). Our value will plummet and we will soon be extinct!”

In all, he reiterated the fact that the SRC hopes to be a fulcrum around which the affairs and discourse between students and management run.

Source: Nana Obrempong Kodie

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