Rainy nights turn Motorway into death trap – Franklin Cudjoe

IMANI Africa President, Franklin Cudjoe. is worried about the state of the Tema Motorway in the night, especially during rainy days.

He believes driving on the Motorway at night during rainy seasons has become a deadly game.

Mr. Cudjoe described the experience as “always a game of death driving on the motorway at night, and an inch closer to having tea with Angel Gabriel when it rains” in a Facebook post on Thursday, May 30.

He likened driving at night on most roads to “groping in the dark”, highlighting the lack of proper lighting and infrastructure that makes driving in the rain a risky endeavor.

Driving on the Motorway at night is a nerve-wracking experience. The road is poorly lit, with inadequate streetlights and lane markings, making it difficult to navigate.

The darkness is only illuminated by the faint glow of oncoming headlights, creating a disorienting and hazardous environment. The experience is further exacerbated by the presence of potholes, pedestrians, and abandoned vehicles, making it a white-knuckle ride.

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