Regional Cooperation and Economic Integration: The way Forward for Ecowas-Dr Alex Ampaabeng

Deputy Minister for Finance, Hon. Dr Alex Ampaabeng has on behalf of the Hon. Minister for Finance, Hon. Dr Mohammed Amin Adam, led a delegation to the Mid-Year ECOWAS Council of Ministers Meetings in Abuja, Nigeria.

The meeting brought together Ministers in charge of Finance, Foreign Affairs, and Regional Integration from across the ECOWAS sub-region, to review the community’s mid-year performance reports.

The report highlights critical issues affecting the region, including the implementation of the ECOWAS Community Levy Protocols, the financial situation of the community, and priorities such as intra-regional trade and investments.

Hon. Ampaabeng affirmed Ghana’s commitment to regional integration and cooperation. “I look forward to continuing our collaboration with other member states to achieve our shared goals”, he added.

The meeting also considered a proposal to convene a Special Summit of Heads of States, including Member States currently under sanctions, to discuss the future of the Region. This is particularly significant given the increasing geopolitical and geostrategic importance of the Region.

The Deputy Minister also recognized, “the need for a collective action to address our common challenges and leverage opportunities for economic growth and development. He also urged the Region to work together to build, “a stronger and more prosperous ECOWAS for all.”

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