Religious tolerance surest way of protecting peace, security – Chief Imam

Religious tolerance surest way of protecting peace, security – Chief Imam

The National Chief Imam Sheik Dr. Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu has called for religious tolerance in the country to cement the relative peace and security Ghana continues to enjoy.

According to him, considering the disturbances being witnessed in neighboring West African countries, the surest way Ghana could guarantee herself peace and security, is to continue to promote religious tolerance at all levels of society.

Western Regional Correspondent, Zambaga Rufai Saminu reports that the Chief Imam, addressing a durbar of Chiefs and people of Nzema organized in his honor as part of activities commemorating his homecoming to Axim, declared that Ghana will remain peaceful and faithful to God for bestowing on the country, an unquantifiable peace and stability for decades.

Ghana is surrounded by French-speaking West African countries. Unfortunately, all these countries are not in stable condition due to insecurity concerns

Ivory Coast, for instance, recovered from electoral disputes that cost many lives, and the destruction of billions of properties just few years ago, whilst Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger continue to be in turmoil in recent times following a series of coups.

However, since the last coup in 1979, and subsequently the introduction of multiparty democracy in Ghana in 1992 by former President Jerry John Rawlings, Ghana has remained relatively stable and peaceful.

A positive development the national Chief Imam Sheik Dr. Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu maintains, must be jealously protected.

He believes existing religious tolerance among interfaith has been the country’s greatest weapon that must be promoted above everything.

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