Road Tolls Reintroduction: “Did We Go Or Did We Come?” – Sam George Quizzes (Video)

Road Tolls Reintroduction: “Did We Go Or Did We Come?” – Sam George Quizzes (Video)

Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram in the Greater Accra Region, Samuel Nartey George has questioned the decision by the government to reintroduce road tolls after almost a year of suspension.

The vociferous legislator says he does not even understand why the road tolls, an avenue that was fetching the country an average of GHC 72 million were suspended without any cogent reasons in the first place.

To him, the suspension was a clear case of the government and ministers of state causing financial loss to the state for their populist gains.

Speaking on Good Morning Ghana on Metro TV on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, Sam George queried if the reintroduction of the road tolls will mean the suspension of the E-levy. According to the MP, the main justification for the suspension of the road tolls was the introduction of the E-levy.

He therefore cannot why the government will reintroduce the tolls at an increased rate whiles the E-levy is still in operation.

“This is a clear case of causing financial loss to the state because we have a government and ministers of state who have suspended revenue even with the challenges with the collection was making GHC 72 million a year. They just wake up and suspend it and say that’s the end of it. They told us that they are introducing the E-levy because they have removed road tolls. Are we to now understand that because the road tolls are coming back we should stop paying E-levy?” he lamented.

He, therefore, stressed that the Minister of Finance and the Minister for Roads and Highways have done the country a great disservice.

He said, “now we are not bringing back just the road tolls, we are bringing it back with almost 100 percent increase in all the tolls. Did we go or did we come? You ask yourself what kind of people are we? The people who are leading this country; the Finance Minister what is wrong with him? On what basis are they bringing back the road tolls?”

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