Savannah Region: Doli bridge accident shuts road again

Savannah Region: Doli bridge accident shuts road again

The newly restored Doli bridge near Bole in the Savannah area is currently blocked by an accident involving an articulated truck.

The truck has prevented both vehicle and pedestrian traffic from crossing the temporary bridge that was built last week for buses and smaller cars.

The temporary connection was intended for buses and other light vehicles, but many people have expressed worry that it has been used by big vehicles, including cargo and articulated trucks.

Months before to the catastrophe, Yussif Sulemana, a Member of Parliament representing Bole Bamboi, expressed his dissatisfaction with the subpar construction work done on the Doli bridge that fell.

He said that the bridge was a death trap and demanded its immediate reconstruction.

On September 17, 2023, a torrential downpour destroyed the Doli bridge, which connects Ghana’s Upper West Region with its southern region.

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